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Registered Flock No. 155

Ovine Brucellosis Accredited Flock No. 1232

"Serenidad" - Spanish for "serenity"- is the name of our property located in the beautiful Adelaide Hills between Mt Torrens and Harrogate in South Australia.  We have been breeding the unique wool-shedding Wiltipoll sheep since 2002 after purchasing of a core flock of Wiltipoll rams and ewes from the breed's  developers, Annie and Tom Hughes. We have a Registered flock only but registered animals can be purchased at an unregistered price if registration is not required.


To find out more about Wiltipoll sheep, see the 'Wiltipoll Information' page and the 'FAQ' (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

For the availability of both Registered and Unregistered (or flock) Wiltipolls at Serenidad Wiltipoll, see "Available for Sale".


Serenidad Wiltipoll also offers a range of other services, including delivery of purchased animals, sheep husbandry and lamb marking information, assistance and training. See the 'After Sales Service' page.

Inspection by Appointment

Buyer's note - it is highly recommended that you purchase your registered or commercial Wiltipolls from a registered flock (i.e. a member of the Australian Wiltipoll Association Inc.) to ensure that you get what you pay for, that is,  Wiltipolls that have been bred according to the requirements of the Association's rules, and for potential stud breeders Wiltipolls that are registered and whose offspring can be registered. Contact the Association or see if you wish to check.



Serenidad Wiltipoll
Via Mount Torrens
South Australia
0419 239 214

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