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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens with the wool that is shed?
The Wiltipoll sheds its fleece naturally during Spring and early Summer each year, and will often rub the wool off against trees or under fallen branches. The wool does not seem to accumulate in the paddock; it naturally mulches in the soil or is often picked up by birds - nests observed in fallen branches are often lined with wool.

Q. Can I collect the wool for sale?
Whilst the wool can be collected, it is quite coarse and of no commercial value. It is generally not present in significant amounts in the paddock, so collection would be quite a task.

Q. Can I buy unregistered ewes and later convert to a registered flock by using a registered ram?

A. No - the only way to produce a registerable animal is to either complete the required back-crossing with a Wiltshire Horn, or to breed from Class A or A1 registered stock. Any Wiltipoll that cannot have it's breeding or pedigree traced and/or verified through the Association's records cannot be registered.




(Right) Some  of our Wiltipoll rams, along with 'Arnie'(our original Wiltshire Horn), almost at the completion of their Spring/early Summer wool-shedding.


More questions and answers will be added as they arise. If you have a question about Wiltipoll sheep, please give Len a call or send an email.



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