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Available for Sale

Wiltipoll Sheep are Autumn breeders, so lambing can be planned to occur from late Winter to Spring (July - September).

Both Registered and Unregistered Wiltipolls are generally available (see the Wiltipoll Information page for the difference).

Currently Available & Prices (inc GST) at January 2016

Registered Rams :  2014-drop rams are now available from $660.

Unregistered Rams :  only one available, a 2014 drop priced at $495 inc. Usually you can purchase a registered ram at an unregistered price if you are not wanting a registered animal. Priced from $495.               

Registered Ewes - limited numbers of 1-3 year old ewes available at $495 inc. 2015 ewe lambs are weaned and are now available. Older ewes can also be purchased from $165 (around 6-7 years old).

Unregistered Ewes :  limited number of 1-3 year old ewes available from $220 to $295 inc. with 2015 ewe lambs weaned and also available. Older ewes from $110.

Wiltipoll wether lambs are generally available for those purchasers wishing to have some low maintenance "lawn-mowers" on their property, as pets or to grow out for your own ready supply of meat. Usually around $154 each, and orders can be taken. 

*Ewes purchased from February to June will usually be in lamb. Ewes will not be transported during their last few weeks of pregnancy.

Orders can be taken for any category all year round, subject to forecast availability. If we don't have available the category you're looking for, we can generally source them for you.




Note that prices for all sheep include GST unless otherwise stated.


(Below) Some of our registered ewes. All registered and unregistered ewes are excellent wool-shedders and are polled.




Buyer's note - it is highly recommended that you purchase your registered or commercial Wiltipolls from a registered flock (i.e. a member of the Australian Wiltipoll Association Inc.) to ensure that you get what you pay for, that is,  Wiltipolls that have been bred according to the requirements of the Association's rules, and for potential stud breeders Wiltipolls that are registered and whose offspring can be registered. Contact the Association or see if you wish to check.








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